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Led Zeppelin IV remastered, 2014.

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Guitar shopping at the Twelfth Fret, Toronto, this week.  So much fun:

  1. Gibson Custom Shop ES-359.  Wow.
  2. Vintage Gibson ES-345. WOW!  (note the made in USA Epiphone John Lennon tribute Casino in front of it!)
  3. So much WOW in this shot:  ES-125 and ES-137 (behind the 125), Fender D’Aquisto arch top, and a PRS in a really pretty colour…plus many more…
  4. Toronto’s Distillery District.
  5. 1930s Gibson-made Kalamazoo acoustic (wow!) plus 1997 LC-4ES behind it  (double wow!).  Note the interesting guitar on the left (hanging on the wall, behind the amp).  It started out as a 1965 ES-125 (not the thinline model - but the full depth one), but the previous owner(s) modified it heavily to be more like an ES-175, and added a Gretsch-like wiring harness with master volume.  This will never be “collector grade” guitar but it played and sounded amazing…and it was only $1250!  WOW!
  6.  AVRI ‘69 Tele Thinline.  I would love to have one of these someday.  Maybe I’ll just make my own…  Time to call up my friends at Maverick Guitar parts for a great price on a Thinline body!
  7. Machinery - Distillery District
  8. This may be the coolest thing ever.  CF Martin has tried to get into the electric business a few times - but their electrics have been commercial failures, IMO becausee Martin is so deeply perceived by players as making the best acoustic guitars in the history of all time and space, that it’s hard for players to accept electric guitars from them?*.  This was one of Martin’s attempts from the 60s.  I did not try it out, but my buddies at the shop said it was a fantastic player.

* So how did Gibson escape the stigma of being perceived only as an acoustic guitar company?  My guess (and it’s only my guess - I have no independent info to back up this opinion!) is that Gibson had been making arch tops with pickups for a number of years - so the public was already used to seeing electrified Gibsons.  And they also got into the electric solid-body game really early…in 1952…only a couple of years after the first mass produced electric solid-body guitar (the Telecaster) was released.  I am guessing that since Gibson was right in there with the Les Paul at the dawn of the solid body era - coupled with the fact that they had been making electric archtops for 15 or so years before that, players had no trouble accepting Gibson as electric guitar makers.  Martin stuck to their core business of flat and arch top acoustics, and therefore many years later when they tried to break in to the electric market, players were all like “wha?  A Martin electric?  No thanks!  Martin makes great acoustics, but I want an electric guitar built by a company that is specialized in building electrics.  A company that has had time to correct early design flaws.  Like Gibson for exapmle!”  :D

Fender made several attempts to get into the acoustic market in the 60s…and they failed as well.  Probably for the same exact reasons that Martin had trouble breaking on to the electric market…

Again…just my opinion.

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